Our Customers Say…

Our customers say...

I thought I had always taken business continuity seriously by taking backups of my computers and servers. However I think it takes an incident just to bring home how unprepared most of us really are.

The business requires that I operate 6 servers and 10 computer 24/7, my ISP is available 99.9% of the time on an annual basis. I have daily backups of all systems and I have a spare server that can be reconfigured within 4 hours. So what could possibly go wrong ?

On one fateful day a simple switch failed. With no response plan, no real understanding of my business structure or my asset recover order, no communication plan and of course no onsite replacement switch, my systems were down for almost a day. I was very lucky it could have been far more serious even if it did take a considerable time and very serious guarantees to reassure my clients that it would not happen again.

Thanks to Steve Williams and his BCARM team (www.bcarm.co.uk) I was put on the right track. Firstly they got me to understand my business, in particular my business assests and their interdependencies. Then assess the risks faced and put in place reduction and recovery measures to minimise downtime in various loss scenarios. Everything started to become clearer and fell into place.

I think a measure of the success of the BCARMs business continuity planning system is the fact that I now have the confidence to test my Incident response plans to see if my recovery plans actually work.

Graham Hughes, Director, Sygnet Interactive

Bathstore is a national retail company with 131 owned stores and 44 franchise stores across the UK. In addition to the retail sites bathstore has 4 office locations, geographically spread. Initially owned by a large multinational trade/retail company, the majority of the Health & Safety policies and procedures were supplied via the owners and managed internally. Each site was required to complete a paper based checklist, monthly, however no training was available on how to complete the checklists or a system in place to ensure completion. In 2012 bathstore was sold to a private equity company and therefore became an independent business. The H&S processes continued to be managed internally by the operations team, however no technical skills were available.

As part of a business restructure, the management of H&S was moved to the HR team and we set about creating a clear H&S structure. Due to our involvement with Towergate Financial Services, and the availability of the Fusion Thinking system, we met with ‘Walk the Walk/Fusion Thinking’ who pitched a full service H&S solution. After agreement from the board we engaged their services for the following:

  • Checking of all H&S policies / procedures Recommendation of H&S management processes, including Risk Assessments
  • Set up of the Fusion Thinking system within the owned stores / regional teams
  • Online webinar training sessions for all users
  • Recommendation on training options to continually manage H&S within the business
  • Quarterly H&S audits Quarterly H&S meetings

During the initial set up and roll out, Sarah Franklin has continually communicated with the business, making recommendations where necessary, and offering advice on alternative options and good practices.

Post roll-out the business is more comfortable with the management of our H&S, due to the reporting visibility, ensuring compliance. The owned stores have acknowledged the ease of using the system and the support available via the Fusion Thinking helpdesk. Due to this we have seen an increase in compliance and more positive approach to H&S, within bathstore. We will continue to work with our H&S partners to further develop our processes and reduce our risks.

Paul Broderick, Head of HR, bathstore.com Ltd

I would recommend the system to anyone who has a multi site business or a single site business, I can’t praise it enough!

The Health & Safety Management system has completely transformed our Health and Safety Management System. I have access to all assessments and performance charts for each department throughout the group and can look at these anywhere in the world (with and internet connection) as the main administrator, so I am on top of any major concerns highlighted.

All users input assessments into the system and can task out to other personnel within the business. This gives us full control of the system and the system emails tasks to the relevant person selected on the assessments for the task. I have on many occasions and in many audits by customers demonstrated this system and we have had fantastic feedback and have passed every audit.

The system has many more features, too many to list but it has taken our Management System to a new level. Obviously input is still needed for this tool to work but it’s about making the system work for you. We use the Training modules to train our staff internally, taking out external consultants for training thus reducing costs.

Richard Newby, Belfield Furnishings Ltd

We use BCARM for Health and Safety and Environmental risk management and I can highly recommend it:-

  • It’s like having your own consultant at your desk.
  • Keeps you and your team organised and on target.
  • Keeps our company up to date with ever changing legislation.
  • Enables 100% compliance 100% of the time.
  • Different levels of users mean it’s cheaper, done at our convenience and at the right level for the right staff; actually bespoke!

We don’t know why everyone doesn’t use this system but please don’t tell our competitors.

Lisa M Barry, Managing Director, Stairlifts (Scotland) Ltd and SSL Access, Chair of British Health Trades Council for Scotland

Having used conventional H&S Consultancy support in the past we decided our business requirements had changed and we needed to have more internal management control. We are a multiple site business in an industry widely recognised as being challenging in terms of maintaining high standards of care and control.

Set against a backdrop of increasing levels of litigation and the need to demonstrate how well we run our business, we needed a solution that would allow us to achieve the following;

  • Management access to all data and information, business wide access to common data/information, but local access to local data to maintain confidentiality
  • Monitoring processes that allow us to ensure our protections and measures are in operation
  • The ability to track action we identify as being necessary to maintain standards and an audit trail of what we have done and when
  • A central accident reporting and management, so that we can quickly react to an incident or accident and collect all relevant information
  • The ability to manage our ongoing training requirements and records Easy administration and support when we need it.

The BCARM system, recommended by our Insurance Broker allows us to achieve all of these.

Graham Elliott, Downing Care


Risk Management figures strongly in our approach to business and we were looking to improve the health and safety awareness amongst our workforce. With over 1000 employees, spread across 8 countries, this presented both logistical and cost challenges and the fact that the business is increasing its footprint worldwide added an additional complexity to the task.

After initial meetings with BCARM and a trial with staff, including employees in France, it was established that an E-Learning training system was a viable solution for Paul Smith Ltd, as it would enable us to deliver consistent training across all our sites, and also had the additional benefit of offering a number of the modules in multiple languages, which was a must for our European sites. The system has had the following benefits for the Company:

  • Enhanced Risk Management - Functionality within the training modules allows Critical risk to the business to be immediately flagged and actioned, thus reducing the likelihood of loss.
  • Positive Staff Reaction / Improved Safety Culture – The Health and Safety E-Learning has generally been well received by staff and has increased awareness amongst the workforce. The modules are concise, with simple interactive features which provide clear instruction on what Health and Safety Legislation really means and how it impacts the employee.
  • Cost Effective Training Delivery - A cost effective way of delivering health and safety training as opposed to equivalent classroom training. Time Efficient - Each course takes between 30-40 minutes to complete, so training can be delivered with minimum disruption.
  • Consistency of Content - All staff are guaranteed to receive the same training ensuring the same standards are received across the organisation.
  • Improved Training Records – Improves the ability of our Insurers to deal with any claims. Administration - is uncomplicated and very user friendly, meaning it is easy to manage in-house

We’ve been working with BCARM for approximately a year now and have just extended our license for a further 12 months. We’ve been impressed with their creative efforts and customer service and rely on their professional input. Overall, BCARM provide us with a good product at a good value. We are happy to be working with them.

Adam Stevens, Health and Safety Manager, Paul Smith Ltd

Steve Williams at Walk the Walk Solutions has been a long term business partner for Finch and one we greatly value.

Like most businesses, we commit massive amount of energy and resource into ensuring our existing and new customers get the best possible levels of service and engagement. Steve constantly challenges us to improve further with his very thought provoking, innovative and practical sessions.

Our team now have a far greater understanding of how to unearth the issues driving our clients behaviour and, more importantly, Steve has given us a number of practical tools to help us develop the relationship further. There is no doubt that we have improved how we engage with our clients as a result of our work with Steve.

Neal Lumb, Sales Director, Finch Insurance