Light Bulb Moment - Getting Sales and Safety working together

The friction between achieving sales results and maintaining a safe working environment is experienced by many businesses - on one hand income generation by delivering product/service, on the other something that potentially gets in the way and incurs cost....and some might say business obstruction.


We have worked with a client who have battled this very issue and where a breakthrough has finally come. As we complete a re-audit programme for them, sites are showing significant improvements in their risk management standards, there is real ownership and engagement and they are even starting to look at each other’s results with an eye on being the best!


The Board has always supported H&S in the business, resources and budget had been allocated to the process across their multiple locations, H&S Coordinators appointed to support local General Managers, but despite all this the business wasn't engaging and this was creating frustration and tension. The Centre were pushing on a door that was obstructed. Engagement of General/Middle management is a critical element to successful (and by successful that means supporting and enabling the rest of the Business not obstructing it) Health & Safety, and if not on-board far from being enablers they are a dis-enablers and at worst detractors. This was unintentionally a factor in the Business.


The Light Bulb Moment came after the results of the Audit programme benchmarking each site against HS(G)65 were presented in a way that allowed the Board to understand how "compliant" they were....or put in another way that had more impact - the LIKELIHOOD of prosecution should they suffer an incident in the workplace. On the other side of the RISK equation we used the new H&S Sentencing Guidelines to put a financial value on the CONSEQUENCES. The reality of the situation was that the Board hadn’t properly understood the RISK and as such hadn’t ACCEPTED it. Accordingly, their RISK TREATMENTs didn't work.


With the RISK accepted, and RISK TREATMENT being revisited, as a sales and results focused business and now understanding they could access measurable site H&S performance, it was a simple step for this to become part of the published site performance metrics and thereby tapping into the competitive culture, which is one of the Business' positive features.


They now had a means of engagement at all levels of the Business and the BCARM system as the management method, training delivery vehicle, source of ongoing performance data and means of validating site performance (see 40 second video clip below).

So with the business now engaged and achieving meaningful results they all thought were unachievable, we will shortly be fanning the flames of personal pride and competition, by awarding best and most improved location "awards".


The next steps will be to start using this data to manage their RISK TRANSFER COSTS.

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