e learning

e learning

e learning is a highly effective means of delivering cost effective, consistent training into a business.

And it doesn't stop there. Management tools allow training to be structured to needs of different rolls and the Reporting Suite gives an unparalled view of risk that exists on the "shop floor".

Training is a proven way of building awareness and confidence and from that comes performance. Apply this in the context of safety environment and you will build a safer work environment.

We provide a range of safety, compliance and soft skills courses. Typically we provide a suite of 14 safety courses within BCARM.

Health and Safety Induction

Risk Assessments


Manual Handling


Display Screen Equipment

Drivers Safety

Office Safety

Food Hygiene


Stress for Employees

Stress for Management

Health & Safety for Managers

Slips, Trips and Falls

Accident Investigation

 This is enhanced by the following;

  • Rollout takes minutes even across hundereds of employees
  • "Alias Email" function means the training can be deployed across staff without company email
  • Courses have integrated Checklists which provide discrete safety sampling allowing hidden risks to be identied
  • Reporting suite allows training activity, compliance and risk to be managed and controlled easily
  • Integrated emailer makes it easier to administer training
  • Risk Alerts send instant notification of pre-identified Critical Risks
  • Europoean Language Packs can be provided for some courses
  • Bespoke courses can be developed and added to the system