Our Team

Our Team

Steve Williams Managing Director

30+ years of Insurance, Sales Management, General Management and Risk Management experience. Started WTWS as an MBO in 2009. Ultrarunner, retired Triathlete after swearing never to ride a bike again after Iron Man (not the Marvel movie), Adventure Racer (including the Marathon de Sables) and Scuba Diver...loves a challenge, not at all competitive, regarded by some as possibly mad!

Sharon Ede Operations Manager

Operational Management from Leisure to Insurance and HR. Sharon joined WTWS at the very beginning as part of the MBO. Former GB Canoe Slalom training team member, all round perfectionist and secretly the most competitive person alive! May or may not have a Blue Peter Badge.

Mark Hutchinson Senior Risk Consultant

Mark has 30+ years Risk Management experience across a vast range of industries and lots of initials after his name. At the weekend Mark likes nothing more than to slip in to the lycra, strap on the Garmin and hit the road at VO2 Max on 2 wheels and Carbon Fibre.

Alison Thornton Client Engagement Coordinator

Experience in banking and a trade union has fortunately left Alison unscathed. Possibly the nicest person you'll ever meet, has 2 mad cocker spaniels and Boris her horse which takes up all of her spare time (and cash).

Dominique Kerr Office Manager

Has worked in admin for various different industries from print, software development and building. Loves going to the cinema, the gym (love might be the wrong word) travelling (preferably not in a car) and has an heterogenous taste in music.

Alan Steadman Senior Developer

When Alan isn't playing with the latest tech he is taking apart cars that he will then race around a field executing an exciting array of manoeuvers that wouldn't be out of place in a Jason Bourne movie.

Jamie-Lee Johns  Junior Developer

An aspiring full-stack web developer with a background in creativity and graphic design. Gaming has always been a passion and he has branched out to web and game development, when away from a computer he plays table tennis and enjoys card games (we are unsure if money is involved)...