Client Engagement

Client Engagement

A product or solution, no matter how good it is, only creates value if it is used. We call this Client Engagement.

As well as having a clear understanding of what needs to be delivered, understanding how the business will engage is critical and it will be human beings that do the engaging.

Essential ingedients to this will be:

  1. Understanding that very few people do something because its the right or logical thing to do...all decisons are driven by our personal motivators and demotivators, our emotions! We use personality profiling extensively to understand this
  2. Who is involved and what will be their personal needs and requirements
  3. Understanding the pace of engagement /implementation the business can cope with
  4. What are going to be the "organisational" barriers that we will need to work around. These will range from existing processes and procedures, to people and the business' culture

When asked what's best thing about our systems we say....our people!